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College students living away from home may require changes to your insurance.  This article will tell you about the coverages you may need to add and what is typically covered under your current policies. 


Let’s talk ELECTRONICS:  Typically your student’s laptop, tablet, printer, and TV are covered under your Homeowners Policy, if your student lives in a dorm.  These items will be subject to your deductible. In some cases you may be able to schedule them.  Scheduled property is usually not subject to your deductable and typically covers a wider range of perils.   Call your agent at Camargo Insurance for a quote.


Does your student have a car at school?  Inform your agent of the new location.  If the car is at home, you may be entitled to a discount.


If the student resides in an apartment off campus, it’s possible that your homeowners will no longer cover their personal property.  In that case renters insurance will cover loss due to theft or damage as well as provide liability insurance in the event that someone is injured in the apartment.  These policies are very affordable and worth calling f’or a quote.  Remember that only the policy holder’s property is covered, roommate’s property is not covered.


We’re happy to answer any questions you may have.  Just visit our website or give us a call at 513-561-5311.

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