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            I received an email recently from a hotel in Atlanta, GA, thanking me for staying at their hotel and asking me to fill out an on-line evaluation.  I hadn’t been anywhere near Atlanta at the time. I called the hotel and found that they had me listed as a guest, with my correct home address and other personal information.  A credit card had been charged but due to privacy laws they could not release any credit card information.  In a panic, I assumed my credit card information had been stolen and someone was on a spending spree at my expense.  I began the laborious process of alerting my credit card companies.  What else should I be doing?  Then I remembered that we had ID Theft coverage on our homeowners policy.

I called my insurance company and was referred to a consumer fraud specialist who guided me through the steps of reclaiming my identity and repairing my financial history.  It was an enormous relief to have an expert at hand to be sure I crossed all the t’s and dotted all the i’s.

Everything turned out just fine, by the way.  While I was on hold with the Social Security Administration, the hotel called to tell me they had mixed up their customer rewards program, and had added the points to my reward card instead of the original party , with the same name, from the same city.  As an apology they were letting me keep the reward points!

The Federal Trade Commission states nearly 10 million people, or 5% of the adult population are victims of identity theft.  ID Theft Protection is offered by most insurance companies as part of your Homeowners Insurance.  Sometimes it’s automatically included, sometimes it’s an inexpensive endorsement.  Check with your agent or CSR at Camargo Insurance to see if you have this coverage as part of your insurance package. It’s so worth it.

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