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shawn, sarah's swingSarah's swingWhy do Sarah’s students need a swing?  Sarah is an amazing teacher with a classroom of very active, middle school students with special needs.  All of her  students have issues with poorly developed sensory integration.  Sensory integration is comprised of body awareness and sensing the pull of gravity.  This critical sense provides a crucial foundation for complex learning and behavior.  We have all watched children spinning, swinging, sliding, and jumping with glee.  These activities contribute to the development of sensory integration.  Many of these activities are unavailable or are uncomfortable for Sarah’s students.  When sensory integration is disordered, a number of problems in learning, development, or behavior can occur.  These children live in a confusing, frightening world, where forms and sounds keep shifting and changing.

A major area of occupational therapy is sensory integration. Swings are some of the greatest tools for sensory integration therapy. (Marina Mironov at on experience and science, a classroom swing for Sarah’s students will be soothing, calming, and therapeutic.  Camargo Insurance wants to provide a therapy swing for Sarah’s students.  We’ll match all contributions, until we have enough funds to purchase the swing.  Help us help Sarah and her students.  To donate, click here: ..



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