Child Car Seat Safety Stickers

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What is TIKE??

tike stickerTIKE is a child safety seat sticker that provides identifying information to emergency personnel should an accident disable the adults riding in the vehicle. These bright neon green stickers include the child’s emergency contact and medical information. TIKE stickers are available in English and Spanish/English. Quantities are free thanks to the generosity of OII members.

Ohio Insurance Institute TIKE initiative started 11 years ago when the Ohio Council of Insurance Women were looking for a funding source for their child safety seat emergency sticker program. OII jumped at the chance and to date, well over a half-million of these are in the hands of families, social service agencies, hospitals, day care providers, paramedics, fire departments, doctor’s offices, public safety groups, military groups, schools and insurance agencies and companies across Ohio and the US.

It’s the gift that protects your young passengers 24/7 and they’re free. Order your TIKE safety stickers from the Ohio Insurance Institute today. carseat

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