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Few people enjoy the unknown. Fewer still enjoy being involved in accidents.

If you’ve been involved in an accident – or feel you need to file a claim – please feel free to either call us or fill out our online claim form. An agent will contact you shortly.

If this is an emergency, please call 911.


Claims: 800-252-4633 (option #1 for auto glass only)
Payments: 800-550-7716 checks; 877-878-2468 credit cards
Online: www.mytravelers.com (will need to register)


Claims: 866-937-2663 (auto glass 800-810-3665)
Payments: 800-766-9133
Online: www.westfieldinsurance.com


Claims: 800-332-3226 (auto glass 800-862-6777)
Payments: 800-332-3226
Online: www.safeco.com (will need to register)

Ohio Casualty

Claims: 866-255-5530
Payments: 866-223-9928
Online: www.ohiocasualty-ins.com (will need to register)

State Auto

Claims: 800-766-1853 (auto glass 888-504-4527)
Payments: 800-444-9950 ext.5118
Online: www.stateauto.com


Claims: 800-231-2318 (auto glass 800-662-4544)
Payments: 800-573-1284
Online: www.celinainsurance.com


Claims: 800-925-2886 (including auto glass)
Payments: 800-925-2886
Online: www.progressiveagent.com

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