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Commercial Auto Insurance

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If vehicles play an important role in your business, auto insurance from Camargo Insurance Agency Inc. is vital to your success.

When you own a business that relies on transporting, whether people or goods, you need to protect one of your most important assets – your vehicle. This could range from hundreds of cabs to just one pickup truck; regardless of the size of your fleet, you need commercial auto insurance to keep your vehicles covered.

Auto accidents are a huge reality, especially when you earn your living by depending on motor vehicles. It’s imperative that you insure your fleet and your drivers so that whether or not they are the cause of a mishap on the road, your investment is not a total loss. Whatever the nature of your business, auto insurance is available for a variety of commercial vehicles:

  • Farming tractors
  • Pickup trucks for landscaping businesses
  • Vans used for educational or religious outings
  • A fleet of taxi cabs
  • Limousines for special occasions
  • Snow plows
  • And more!

Your commercial auto insurance policy will depend on certain factors, including who drives your vehicles, how they are used and how many there are. When you contact one of our experienced agents, they will be able to ask you the important questions that will be the basis of your personalized commercial vehicle insurance.

Think of all the time, effort and money that goes in to your company – don’t let that go to waste by not insuring your business fleet properly. Contact us through our online form or give us a call to discuss your options at 513.561.5311!

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