The Hero in Our Community

Unleashing the Powers of Captain Camargo!

The coronavirus has undoubtedly become the world’s most treacherous villain and unfortunately, COVID-19 has severely impacted some of our most vulnerable – the senior members of our community. Now is the time for us to call upon Captain Camargo to team up with the heroes at Meals on Wheels and save the day!

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Captain Camargo will be venturing out into the community delivering certificates of insurance to mortgage brokers and lenders (don’t worry-his suit is impenetrable, and his shield is stocked with tissues and sanitizer!) For every new policy we quote, Camargo Insurance will be donating $5 directly to Meals on Wheels.

Meals on Wheels supports our senior neighbors by providing nutritious meals delivered right to their door. With the coronavirus outbreak lurking, braving public spaces, even grocery stores, has proven to be incredibly dangerous for our senior community. While statistics are changing daily, we do know that eighty percent of COVID-19 fatalities so far in the United States have been people aged 65 and older. The services provided by Meals on Wheels are helping to ensure good social distancing practices amongst the senior community which are imperative to keeping our most vulnerable neighbors safe and healthy.

Captain Camargo is leading the charge to help our friends at Meals on Wheels keep our older Americans safe and nourished.

Not all heroes wear capes, you can help your senior neighbors by donating today please click the button below to donate or volunteer.

Company Responses to COVID-19

Insurance Companies with a plan to help you!

Many of our insurance companies have designed plans to help you-our clients, their policy holders, through this difficult time. Please click on your company to read about their response and how they can assist you with your policy.

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