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3 Strategies to Reduce Property Insurance Costs in a Hard Market


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Get to your closing on time with an Insurance Team that knows the real estate business and gets you the:

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Right Coverage

Right Cost 

Right Care

We know the challenges of getting a large real estate deal to closing.

We understand what it's like to get a big real estate deal to closing. It can be frustrating, time-consuming, and costly when unforeseen issues arise.


At Camargo, we understand the critical role insurance advisors can play in helping investors get their deals to the finish line.   When you have the right coverage, at the right price, and an insurance team that can effectively communicate with your lenders and brokers, you can spend less time worrying about the closing, and more time finding the next deal.

David Rentals

I have enjoyed working with Jay and his staff for 9 years. I originally came to Jay and Camargo Insurance for the significant savings they were able to provide on my real estate portfolio. I switched for the savings, but I have stayed because of the great service. Thanks Jay!

Brent Bielinski

Working with Camargo Insurance has been absolutely wonderful! Camargo finds us the best insurance coverage and pricing for our entire portfolio of properties. They offer top notch customer service and are always there to answer questions or explain and recommend options. I would recommend them to anyone!

Alex Smith

Excellent service, I own real estate and had more than a hand full bad experiences with my previous agency... That’s when I found Camargo and have had TOP NOTCH service. I’ve been slowly switching all my buildings to Camargo. Laura Schmitz has been awesome!!!


Let's Talk About Your Portfolio

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We Listen

Fully grasp your portfolio and what you are looking for.


We Plan

We create a complete plan that matches your portfolio with the right insurance carriers.


We Got Your Back

You get a team that knows real estate and gets your deals to finish line.

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We handle challenges like

Size of property

Size of Property

Breaking through ceilings is part of the entrepreneurial journey.  Real estate investors who scale their portfolios are continuously managing new challenges as they acquire larger properties. Real estate brokers often refer buyers to our team as they land deals that level up their portfolio and struggle to find affordable, quality insurance coverage through their existing insurance agent.

Age of Building

Age of Building

One of the most common issues we see when investors from other parts of the country begin chasing returns in the midwest, are challenges related to the age of construction.  Insurance companies have underwriting appetites that vary widely based on age of construction.  As an agency with roots in a city full of multifamily housing built 50-100 plus years ago, our team has deep experience in helping investors navigate the insurance underwriting challenges associated with older construction buildings. 

Type of Wiring

Type of Wiring

One of the worst feelings is getting a large deal under contract, and then discovering a major electrical issue. Real estate brokers trust our team to help their buyers navigate these issues, clarify what needs to be updated to secure coverage from preferred carriers, or identify non standard carriers that will approve the outdated wiring or other electrical issues. 

Geographic Territory

Geographic Territory

Managing insurance for commercial real estate portfolios in 48 states, our team is familiar with the nuances of specific geographic markets.  Whether you need insurance for commercial property in Texas, California, New York or anywhere in between, our Camargo is here to help.



The occupancy of a building can sometimes create insurance challenges.  Whether it’s an issue with vacancy, the type of business occupying your property, or the type of housing, such as student or subsidized, our team has solutions.

Go from wasting priceless time with an agent that can't get the job done to feeling confident your portfolio is being insured correctly.

Let's Talk About Your Portfolio

Common issues we help investors solve

Being Turned Down
Missing Critical Details
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Paying Too Much