Liquor Liability Checklist


Everything you need to get affordable coverage



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Right Coverage

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When we talk to bar owners, we hear the same things...

Inflation is very high right now and my current agent doesn't understand the bar insurance needs like:


🍺 Liquor Liability  👊 Assault and Battery  🍾 Theft of Alcohol

🏢 Property Insurance  🚧 Vandalism  ☂️ Commercial Umbrella


All in one policy with a monthly plan. You’ve got it!

Pete B

While shopping for Business Insurance, Shawn Burroughs helped the most and the best among the many insurers qualified. While discussing my needs and wants, Shawn gave educated choices that were Easy to make. Thanks, Shawn you"re the Best!

John Bradley - Blue Line Expedited Couriers LLC

The Brokers agents and staff at Camargo Insurance are the best. They are straightforward and will tell you what you need to hear not just what you want to hear. They truly have your best interests at heart and treat you like family. I could not ask for a better team to work with. Customer service has been second to none. Truly the best group I have ever worked with. Camargo Insurance will be my go-to Broker and agent for years to come.

All Mt Best! 

Emerald Freight Logistics

As a new trucking business venture, navigating the insurance space was intimidating. Shawn changed all of that for us. His knowledge, confidence, and amazingly quick responses made the process easy. He took time guiding us through every step as if it was his own trucking company. Shawn provided insights about critical issues and simply had the answers to every question. We chose to work with Camargo Insurance because of Shawn. He consistently went one step further than all other competitive insurers. Now, we have a solid insurance plan in place as well as a trustworthy agent we can depend on.


Let’s Talk About Your Bar Policy






We Listen

We take the time to understand your unique needs for your bar's insurance coverage.


We Plan

Our team will create a tailored insurance quote that includes coverage for key factors affecting your insurance rates.


We Got Your Back

Our experienced team understands the bar business and provides a policy that covers everything in one place.

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We know the bar business.

We understand the importance of having comprehensive coverage for your bar that includes:


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Liquor Liability

Protection for claims or damages that arise from the sale or service of alcohol, including bodily injury or property damage caused by an intoxicated patron.

protest (2)
Assault and Battery

Coverage for incidents of physical altercations or fights that occur on the premises.

Theft of Alcohol

Coverage for theft or loss of alcohol inventory or supplies, including stock, bottles, and kegs.

Property Insurance

Protection for damage to property or loss of business assets due to events such as fire, natural disasters, or vandalism.


Coverage for damage to property caused by vandalism or malicious acts.

Commercial Umbrella

An additional layer of liability coverage that goes above and beyond the limits of primary insurance policies, protecting against catastrophic losses or lawsuits.

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Liquor Liability Checklist:

Everything you need to get affordable coverage.
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They can sit back and enjoy a drink because your insurance
didn't put you out of business by avoiding:

Financial loss from theft or property damage.
liquor (1)
Liquor liability claims and settlements
Penalties and fines for liquor law violations.
Lost revenue due to business interruptions and unforeseen events.
Damage to the bar's reputation from negative events.
Personal liability for accidents or injuries.