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Real estate investment is an exciting, and sometimes risky venture. There are unique liabilities and factors to consider when insuring your investment properties. We'll help manage those risks and keep your investment protected.



The real risks involved in real estate investment.

If you invest in real estate, getting the right insurance coverage is a vital way to protect that investment, although there are several risks to take into account. Understanding those risks can help you determine which insurance coverage options you need for continued success and protection from the unexpected.

Insurance every real estate investor needs.

First, you'll need the same basic protections as with standard landlord insurance. These include must-haves like personal liability coverage and property damage, plus optional extras that are well worth considering, such as insurance for rental properties that protect against loss of income during repairs.

Vacant properties need coverage, too.

Next, you'll need to check how your policy deals with periods when properties are vacant. Some risks are higher during this time, such as those associated with a burst pipe or a fire. If nobody's in the property, these disasters might not be discovered until the damage is severe.

Improving your property? It still needs to be covered.

If you are doing improvement work on a property, such as a renovation or extension, you may need builder's risk and installation insurance. This covers liability for injuries to construction workers and protects against damage to property, such as vandalism or severe weather, while the property is still under construction and more exposed.

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